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Feed raw materials for your feed production

Hanseatic Agri is your leading partner for high-quality raw materials in the pet food industry! With our offices in Hamburg and four strategically placed warehouses in Germany, we offer you a comprehensive range of services. Our dedicated team specializes in finding innovative raw materials and performing quality management from sourcing to delivery to your door. As a partner to the pet food industry, we understand the importance of quality and reliability. We are proud to help shape the future of pet food by setting the highest standards in product quality, innovation and logistics. Rely on Hanseatic Agri to meet your high quality pet food requirements and realize your vision.

Carl zu Eulenburg

company owner

Few Resons Why You Should Choose Us

Hanseatic Agri offers you the opportunity to purchase a wide range of feed materials for both dry and soon-to-be-introduced wet feed production at optimal conditions.

Our high level of expertise extends beyond the feed itself to encompass quality assurance, logistics, and market developments, ensuring you a reliable supply at fair prices.

Convince yourself by exploring the options below, and please inform us of the feed materials you are currently interested in. Let´s get in touch and find some solutions for you!

High-Quality Standards

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Customization and Support Services










Why Choose Our Pet Care Company?

Competitive Pricing

Hanseatic Agri offers competitive pricing for pet raw materials, enabling factories to manage costs effectively while maintaining high-quality production standards.

Extensive Product Range

We provide a wide range of pet raw materials, allowing factories to source multiple ingredients from a single supplier, simplifying procurement processes and logistics

Reliability and Consistency

With a track record of reliable and consistent supply, Hanseatic Agri ensures that factories receive their raw material orders on time and in the expected quality, minimizing production delays

Expertise and Advisory Services

Hanseatic Agri's expertise in the pet food industry means they can offer valuable advisory services, helping factories to navigate market trends, regulatory requirements, and formulation challenges