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Experience report Hanseferm:

The Biolandhof Pilhofer farm cultivates around 130 hectares of agricultural land and keeps 12,000 laying hens with its own egg marketing.


We try to produce as much feed as possible for our laying hens ourselves. In recent years, we have used a 38% supplementary premix for feeding our laying hens and added it to our components. Wheat, grain maize, peas
grass pellets, oats and barley were previously produced and added to our feed.


The problem with our hens of white origin has always been that although their performance was very good, the sorting at the beginning was always very long and heavy on eggs. The flocks reached a peak performance of 97 percent, which was always very good.
good, but we always had many to very many S eggs in the range of 20 to 40 per starting hen.


Now I was looking for a product to upgrade the feed mix as easily as possible. Several feed tests confirmed that the overall composition was simply not sufficient for the laying hens, especially in terms of methionine and total crude protein.
total crude protein. So I came across Hanseferm yeast through a colleague. The advantages for me were the very low fat content and the good ingredients for my project.


It also meant that I could continue to control the amount of oil I added myself as required. The last flock since we started feeding Hanseferm with 3 percent was put up in September 23.


They laid 15 S eggs per starting hen and are still at 97 percent production in mid-January. We are also seeing consistently positive gut health. Since December 23, we have been mixing 4 percent yeast to a completely farm-own mixture of our own soybeans, the known own components, lime mineral feed and purchased sunflower cake. So far we are very satisfied with the product.


The taste, smell and shelf life are very good, the laying hens like to eat the yeast and the delivery and service from the company are also great.

Biolandhof Pilhofer

Büchelberg 1
92259 Neukirchen

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Experience report Hanseferm Pur:

Hanseferm Pur (brewer’s yeast = lat. Saccharomyces Cerevisiae) is a great product for me as an organic pig farmer in pig fattening feeding. By incorporating Hanseferm Pur into the pig fattening rations, I have achieved first-class results in pig feeding.
pig feeding.

Thanks to its unique enzymatic effect, the health status has once again improved significantly. Animal losses fell from 1 % to less than 0.5 %. In addition, brewer’s yeast is rich in essential amino acids (e.g. lysine, methionine, threonine and tryptophan), which are crucial for good growth and high lean meat content.

With its high tryptophan content, it can make a significant contribution to reducing possible cannibalism in pigs and thus help to improve animal welfare. The high supply of vitamins (especially vitamin B) and fiber has also significantly improved the health status on my farm. The pigs have less diarrhea and respiratory diseases. The feed is readily accepted by the pigs due to its high palatability.


I have noticed that the already high weight gains of the pigs on my farm have increased again. The daily weight gain rose from approx. 800g to approx. 850g. That is a marginal benefit for me of approx. 2.5 € per fattening pig. Feed conversion could also be increased by over 5 %. This means that approx. 6 € per fattening pig for organic feed could be saved with the help of brewer’s yeast.

To this day, I have never regretted using the above-mentioned yeast in my pig fattening feed. As a farm manager, Hanseferm Pur has brought me a significant economic advantage and much greater animal welfare. I can only recommend it to every organic and conventional pig farmer.


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im Februar 2024