Poultry Meal LA Raw Materials

Poultry Meal Raw Materials

Poultry Meal LA (Low Ash) is a specialized variant of poultry meal with reduced ash content. This modification ensures a higher concentration of protein and other essential nutrients, making it ideal for premium pet food formulations.

Benefits of Poultry Meal LA in Pet Food

Poultry Meal LA offers a higher protein content due to its reduced ash levels. This makes it an excellent choice for enhancing the nutritional value of pet food. The lower ash content also minimizes the risk of mineral imbalances, supporting overall health and well-being in pets.

Nutritional Profile

Poultry Meal LA typically contains over 70% protein, providing a rich source of essential amino acids. It is also lower in minerals that can cause imbalances, making it a more refined protein source. This variant supports muscle growth, tissue repair, and overall health.

Regulatory Compliance and Quality Assurance

Our Poultry Meal LA is produced under strict regulatory conditions to ensure the highest quality. The reduced ash content is achieved through meticulous processing methods that maintain the nutritional integrity of the protein.